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Miguel (Yáñez-)Barreto
Miguel (Yáñez-)Barreto

Location: Based in Brooklyn, NY 🗽 — Relocation is not an option.

Senior Software Engineer with more than 10 years’ experience in large tech companies (9+ at Google, 1.5 at Twitter, ~1 at Apple); I have worked there in the backend (batch data processing, features, optimization and system reliability) and on Android (application features and performance).

💻 Tech Stack

  • Programming languages: Kotlin, Scala, Java, C++, Python, Rust
  • Data processing using MapReduce, Scalding, Beam, Scio, Dataflow and BigQuery
  • Build Systems: Bazel/Blaze, Pants, Gradle
  • CI/CD environments: Circle CI, Travis CI, and Twitter-, Google- and Apple-internal alternatives
  • PostgreSQL, Spanner & Bigtable/Cassandra-like Databases
  • Significant experience with monitoring, alerting, and profiling tools.

🏢 Software Engineering Experience

— Apple Pay Later – Senior Software Engineer (March 2022 - Present)

  • Led the redefinition of automated issuer disputes for credit card network rule violations
    • This led to a reduction of 95% of automated disputes which were causing real user-pain
  • Took ownership of some testing frameworks and added new code-generation features which simplified org-wide testing practices

Twitter - Senior Software Engineer (March 2021 - November 2022)

— Geo team

  • Redesigned and implemented data import and processing pipelines to account for new compliance requirements
  • Designed a dataset classification framework and associated permissions for the Geo and User Signals teams to guarantee the principle of least privilege for data access
  • Designed and implemented two live dataset migrations
  • Designed and wrote integration of Geo data into ML Training ingestion pipelines

— User Signals team

  • Co-Led the process of ownership transfer from a research team to our Engineering team of a pipeline to analyze user behavior at scale
  • Dove through user feedback to identify pain points for internal customers of our pipelines to prioritize next steps
  • Co-authored a design to modernize the pipeline, migrating it to GCP while prioritizing user privacy and compliance
  • Productionized ML model trainings to generate privacy-preserving User Embeddings using Kubeflow and BigGraph

Google - Software Engineer (July 2011 - March 2021)

Cloud Binary Authorization Infrastructure (2017 - March 2021)

  • Deployed and regionalized the entire backend for this project, and all release processes
  • Led the partnership with Site Reliability Engineering, resulting in an extremely functional relationship between the Dev and SRE teams
  • Designed the monitoring and alerting strategies
  • Debugged and prioritized latency issues to reach stable high SLO compliance
  • Got to 0-pages in a year through my reliability efforts
  • Implemented features to simplify image attestation management by end users
  • Designed and implemented two seamless database migrations with zero downtime, one to support features that were incompatible with the previous data model and a second for increased resiliency to outages

— Material Design Android (2016 - 2017)


Remixer for Android. Live adjustment of app variables.

  • Designed and built Remixer for Android which was one of the first Android UX experimentation frameworks
  • Used Java annotations to quickly generate necessary code to integrate Remixer
  • Built a firebase-integration feature that allowed for live-remote-updating of the UI
  • Developed Open Source-first and then imported into the Google internal repository
    • Designed the cross-platform build so it worked across both Gradle and Bazel

Modular and customizable Material Design UI components for Android

  • Designed the cross-platform build system from a Bazel-first world to also compile and test successfully in Gradle.
  • Built significant tooling around Gradle’s dependency system’s limitations so the Blaze-first code could compile and test on Gradle’s less granular dependencies
  • Wrote the first version of the BackLayerLayout, now renamed to Backdrop in Material Components

— Google Docs / Slides / Sheets – Android Common Infrastructure (2014 - 2016)

  • Replaced the dependency injection system with major gains on start-up performance
  • Cleaned up build dependencies for up to 50% faster builds
  • Developed the Android version of Docs / Slides / Sheets templates
  • Redesigned and developed a new version of Comments with assignable tasks
  • Refactored the Comments codebase in Android in the process to improve maintainability
  • Diagnosed important internationalization bugs, documented a long-term plan to fix them
  • Improved accessibility of the apps specifically for visually impaired users

— Google Maps – Data Infrastructure (July 2011 - 2014)

  • Worked on the multi-year redesign and subsequent implementation of the entry-point to the Maps Data Processing pipeline
    • Focused on maintainability, code health and data-corruption prevention
  • Maintained the entry point to the Maps Data Processing pipeline until a smooth migration with no downtime was finished
  • Migrated and owned a large component of this pipeline that was passed off to my team from a separate team, I documented and maintained it until its End-of-Life, when I deprecated and deleted it safely
  • Improved code health through refactors, large testing infrastructure changes, and improved monitoring/logging that would help diagnose issues more easily

🎓 Education

B.Eng. “Systems and Computer Engineering” – Universidad de los Andes, March 2009