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About me

Miguel (Yáñez-)Barreto
Miguel (Yáñez-)Barreto

I am a Colombian-American Software Engineer based in Brooklyn, NY. I have over 10 years of experience in Big Tech, see my resumé.

☕ Coffee

Having been raised in Colombia, and living in New York after the Third Wave of Coffee in the US, I am unavoidably addicted to coffee.

I love making espresso-based drinks (lattes and capuccinos, mainly), and I dabble in pourovers

My kit stars the following:

📷 Photography

I love Photography, but I haven’t kept up with the hobby as much as I could. Currently I use three devices, in order of most-frequently used:

💬 Languages

I am passionate about languages and I would dedicate my life to learning them if I didn’t have to work 😓. I have studied several languages to different extents:

  • Colombian Spanish (native, duh)
  • English (fluent)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (fluent)
  • French (some conversational)
  • Japanese (I can ask where the train station is!)
  • Korean (Can read it slowly, and I know some, but it’s fading away)
  • Mandarin Chinese (My pronunciation is fully gone, I can understand a few characters here and there but have no idea how to pronounce them)