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Hotkeys for Adafruit Macropad

python typing python circuit python adafruit macropad

This is a hotkeys implementation for the Adafruit Macropad. I branched it from deckerego/Macropad_Hotkeys and added new functionality while cleaning up the code.


A derivative of the Macropad Hotkeys example from the Adafruit Learning System Guide


I added a switching mode that allows me to use the encoder for things other than switching.

The first major thing I did was python typing hints as much as I could within the limits of CircuitPython. Typing helps me significantly since I’m used to statically typed languages.

I then redesigned some components to follow the MVC pattern, since the previous version mixed model logic with display and control logic.

This should allow me to build more complicated logic for hotkeys “apps”.

I plan to build apps that use the encoder more heavily, like flight sim helpers.