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Testing Rust

Real, fake, and mock implementations of file system operations


filesystem-rs is a fork of iredelmeier/filesystem-rs.

I found the original repo by Isobel Redelmeier when writing dotfiles-rs since I needed a testable Filesystem API. Isobel’s project offered that.

I ended up forking it because Isobel’s version did not offer any symlink functionality. I tried to write a PR back to Isobel’s repo but didn’t get any response so I just kept maintaining my fork. It now supports the new error codes in rust nightly, and I think I am done playing with it for the time being.

I added some github actions to automatically build it and create documentation and I may do some maintenance of these ancillary things, but I don’t expect to make any major changes to it.

I also haven’t published it as a crate and I don’t think I have the time to properly support it if I did.

This project taught me a lot about Rust, though, so it fulfilled one of its purposes.


Rust dotfiles-rs
dotfiles-rs was inspired by anishathalye/dotbot since I needed a way to organize, and reproducibly re-create the configuration in my dotfiles and general environment across different computers.