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Rust dotfiles-rs

Dotfiles-rs is an automation framework that can be used for dotfiles configuration.


dotfiles-rs was inspired by anishathalye/dotbot since I needed a way to organize, and reproducibly re-create the configuration in my dotfiles and general environment across different computers.

I tried to use dotbot but kept running against the limitations of the system, and modifying it felt painful to me since it was written in Python with no typing hints.

When the time came that I decided I needed to write my own system, I then had to make the decision of what programming language to use. I chose Rust since I wanted to learn it and this seemed a safe way to do so, and because I could get it to run in less powerful chips like old Raspberries Pi (or is it Raspberry Pis? Pies?… I digress).

While writing this and trying to write tests for the different actions I wanted to support, I ran into the issue that the filesystem API was pretty much impossible to test with, and that leads us to filesystem-rs.

It is now somewhat stable and I just tweak the CI/CD.


brew vim zsh dotfiles-rs

This is the current version of my personal dotfiles and a bunch of apps, APIs, and programs I install in most of my systems.

Testing Rust

filesystem-rs is a fork of iredelmeier/filesystem-rs.

I found the original repo by Isobel Redelmeier when writing dotfiles-rs since I needed a testable Filesystem API. Isobel’s project offered that.